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The Optrel e3000X is the most powerful ventilated breathing protection system available on the market. With the new e3000X PAPR (powered air-purifying respirator) system you complement your optrel PAPR mask with protection for your respiratory system, making no compromises for safety, comfort and protection. The e3000x has an integrated airflow sensor, 3 level airflow adjustment, 18 hours of battery life, and 240 liters of air per minute available at the touch of a button.

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Respiratory Protection

Face and respiratory protection system when combined with the e3000x blower kit

HEPA 99.8%

High-efficiency particulate air filter removing 99.8% of any airborne particles.

Adjustable Air Flow

Adjustable air flow levels, 150 – 250 l/min

Easy to Use

Ergonomic Fit

Integrated Air Flow Control

Mountain-Breeze Odor Filter

Power Battery Pack


Protection level
TH3 (EN 12941)
Air flow levels
Level 1: min. 170 l/min
Level 2: min. 210 l/min
Level 3: min. 240 l/min
Electronic fuse
Sound level
max. 70dbA
222 x 213 x 92,6 mm (LxWxH)
1560 g (incl. filter, belt and battery)
Filter Type
TH3P R SL filter for TH3P System (EU)
Hose length
0.7 m (extensible up to 1.3 m)
Scope of Delivery
PAPR system with hose, battery, TH3P R SL filter, spark protector, belt, charger, parking buddy, user instructions
2 years on production and material, 6 months on battery


User Manual (e3000x)

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Product Brochure (e3000x)

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Manual (e3000x Multibaycharger)

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Manual (e3000x Mountain Breeze Filter)

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    I like the idea ?

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Got a question?

8 months 20 days ago

How does the filtration efficiency depend on particle size?

optrel US
8 months 19 days ago

The e3000x filter is 99.999% efficient against particle sizes down to .3 micron. As the particles become larger the filter becomes even more efficient. If you are concerned with Covid the virus is .1 micron but is transported in liquid droplets of roughly 4-10 microns making the clearmaxx PAPR an excellent choice.

Will Howard
6 months 10 days ago

is there a replacement cover for this unit?

optrel US
6 months 9 days ago

Yes there is. Please contact us at 401-398-7240 and we will get you what you need.

24 days 12 hours ago

Does it remove ammonia?

optrel US
20 days 22 hours ago

The gas filter will not remove ammonia.

3 days 20 hours ago

Does this filter protect against formaldehyde vapors?

optrel US
16 seconds ago

You would need to use the gas filter for formaldehyde vapors.

  • Highest level protection (HEPA) from smoke, aerosols and dust. The breathing air gets up to 500 times cleaner.
  • Evenly distributed air inside the PAPR helmet without eye irritation.
  • Automatic air flow control.
  • Automatic air flow calibration.
  • Additional cooling effect for the fore head.
  • Better work conditions for more efficiency, comfort and performance.
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