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We focus on worker safety, health, and productivity. Optrel’s industrial safety equipment for head and face protection are used by welders, medical professionals, fabricators, and metalworkers worldwide who rely on smart technology to produce accurate results.

the helix series

hard work never felt so easy

Lightweight and perfectly balanced, the Helix Welding Helmets feature an expanded field of vision with slide up technology. Hard work never felt so easy.

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Our industrial safety products are trusted worldwide by those who need head and face protection the most. Explore some of our favorite and most highly rated products below.

Why Choose optrel?

Optrel is trusted by frontline workers. From healthcare settings to industrial environments, those needing the highest level of safety equipment and face protection rely on optrel.

Since 1986, optrel has pioneered innovative workplace safety equipment and protective gear. With more than thirty years of experience, optrel protects welders, medical professionals, metal workers, and fabricators from harsh work environments.

What began as a mission to improve the lives of industrial welders has transformed into a global movement. Optrel’s protective products feature the latest in scientific and manufacturing advancements.

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The Optrel difference

As one of the first inventors of auto-darkening technology for the welding industry, our safety equipment product line began with a focus on welding helmets. Over the years, we’ve expanded into a company that works toward safer environments for welders, machinists, doctors, dentists, nurses, fabricators, industrial painters and educators.

Now, you can find Optrel’s protective gear for pretty much every hazardous work environment available at the click of a button. We offer only the highest quality hoods, respirators, face shields, PAPRs, N95 masks, softhoods, and even sunglasses., masks, respirators, shields, and N95 masks. And our latest, most revolutionary product is finally here: The Swiss Air PAPR. Breathing easy has never felt so good.

Explore our products complete catalogs for medical professionals and industrial workers to discover the highest quality face and respiratory protection for your work environment.

the swiss air papr

safety never felt so comfortable

The revolutionary respiratory protection system, the Swiss Air is optrel’s most versatile PAPR system available. Take a deep breath, safety never felt so comfortable!

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“I’m a second generation welder and without a doubt the Crystal 2.0 offers the best optics on the market. This hood is a gamechanger, the optics are so crystal clear, grind mode is handy. Booth to booth, one hood. Lightest, most functional hood I’ve ever used. Everyone who tries it on, switches to optrel helmets. 7 of the 10 students in my Veteran Pipe Welding apprenticeship at Camp Lejeune, NC went to optrel. I’m welding 7 hours a day and this hood…the crystal clarity, auto darkening, all great for working and teaching. Can’t say enough good things about it.”
Billy Platt, CWI, CWE

This is the lightest welding helmet I’ve ever worn! Excellent clarity and color vision, when in autopilot mode I never have to worry about which welding process I’m using, the helmet selects the proper shade instantly! Fantastic technology, Thank you, Optrel!

David Haydukiwecz

The best masks and protection of the respiratory system and head in the world. I am very happy with my Optrel Clearmaxx Grinding Helmet, 1100.000

Ear Artesano

Just received my vegaview 2.5. Nicest helmet I’ve ever used. Definitely worth the money

Greg Ryder

100% by far the best company I’ve purchased a helmet from, I’ve been using my Panoramaxx for a little over a year and had a slight issue with it. Thanks to Optrel, my warranty is taking care of the issue and it has been such an easy and amazing experience. Very fast and professional responses, and extremely helpful group! Thanks again for creating such a great hood! Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Reese Trainor

I received my Crystal 2.0 last week. The clarity of vision through this hood is absolutely amazing.

Thomas J Bridges

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