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What is Crystal Lens Technology?

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Lens Innovation ahead of the pack

optrel has made a quantum leap that revolutionizes the way welders see.

Enabling welders to have a better day-to-day work life is an everyday pursuit. optrel has invested years into the research of new technologies to improve the welder’s view. Crystal Lens Technology (CLT) is at the forefront of enhanced vision and improved workflow for welders worldwide.

In 2015, optrel shook the welding world by setting a never before seen brightness level with the Vegaview 2.5. Three years later, optrel bested its own world record achievement and raised the bar even new heights with its Crystal Lens Technology 2.0 (CLT 2.0).

What is Crystal Lens Technology?

The industry standard welding helmet has a light transmission of 5% which isn’t great for setup and prep work difficult. The CLT 2.0 lens allows a light transmission of 31% in bright condition (protection level 2) which allows welders to have a practically unclouded and clear view of their work environment. Think of it like a Television. The 5% would be similar to the older standard definition resolution while many competitors claim their lens is similar to a “High Def TV.” The CLT 2.0 would be the “4k TV” on the market.

Welders can see the joining process as it actually takes place. How the weld pool melts, how the weld seam is created. You can see how the filler material is immersed in the welding pool and gain complete control over your work. Saving you time and preventing costly mistakes.

CLT offers welders brilliant vision, like through a window pane. Crystal clear. The 2.0 light state achieved by CLT was a world record that no company had previously come close to.

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

In most cases of the welding world, the difference between technologies are minute and only becomes apparent when you look closely. CLT 2.0 isn’t most cases. With the crystal lens technology you will notice the difference immediately the first time you put the welding hood on. Compare the standard 5% light transmission (left) vs the optrel CLT 2.0 light transmission of 31% ( right) in the chart below.

In the dark state users get a detailed and high-contrast view of the pool with an unprecedented clarity. The color perception in the light state comes very close to the experience of looking through a clear window glass. Why does that matter?

Why the Pros Love it

By having the brightest light state in the world, at shade level 2, this allows the welder to leave their helmet down for all aspects of their job. These aspects include set-up work, prep work, inspecting their welds and grinding. Having the ability to see clearly before, during, and after the welding process without lifting up the helmet not only helps professionals finish jobs quicker, but also prevents being flashed by surrounding welders since the helmet can remain in the down position.

After using the Crystal 2.0 for the first time, Andrew at Baker Gas said, “ It is unbelievably clear. It’s like someone dims the lighting around you, it didn’t seem like [ brightness level] had changed at all…you can see the puddle to a ‘t’”

A Welding Lens Solution For Every Job

The CLT technology helps in all welding processes because it offers your weld’s most transparent view with the most extensive color spectrum. Allowing a welder to see their welding seem and even fix a weld as they weld, preventing rework after inspection. Such jobs includes the application fields of: Elektrode Welding (Stick Welding, SMAW) ,MIG/MAG (GMAW), GMAW High melting rate process, Flux Cored Wire Welding,TIG Welding (GTAW), Plasma Arc Welding, Micro Plasma Arc Welding, Plasma Cutting, Gas Welding, and grinding.

“I weld safety-related components made of stainless steel using the TIG process. Every weld needs to fit right away, otherwise it will be very expensive. Control over the weld pool and the uncompromising clear view of the color gradient is absolutely crucial for me. That’s why I decided on the Panoramaxx clt.“ – Karl-Friedrich, 46 years

Which Helmets Carry CLT 2.0

The world famous Crystal Lens Technology 2.0 is available in the Crystal 2.0 Helmet and now also available in the Panoramaxx CLT Version. Optrel engineers have thus, once again, pushed the limits of what is possible to a new level. Anyone who has ever welded with CLT technology will barely be able to believe their eyes. To learn more about our cutting-edge technology check out our product page, or find an optrel dealer near you.

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