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P.Air N95 Masks – Box of 40

Product #: 4190.010-40

Optimize your health and safety with the optrel P.Air N95 respirator masks. These NIOSH-approved masks provide 95 percent filtration efficiency against particular non-oil-based particles, including dust or metal fumes from welding or soldering, airborne particles from respiratory viruses, and poor air quality from smoke and other environmental toxins. 

Whether you need respiratory protection from welding fumes such as brazing, torch cutting and metal pouring or want to safeguard against particulate matter in the air, such as smoke and haze associated with the Canadian wildfires, the P.Air N95 provides superior respiratory defense. 

As wildfires rage, air quality can plummet, increasing the risks of smoke inhalation and associated health effects. Choose the P.Air N95 respirator mask to ensure your ultimate comfort and safety.

  • Five (5) layers of comfortable protection 
  • Fully adjustable head straps provide a comfortable, firm seal and a flexible nose clip for a snug and secure fit
  • NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved to reduce exposure to harmful toxins and non-oil-based particles
  • Swiss-made for the highest quality protection and premium materials
  • Packaging: 40 masks per box
  • Specifications: Universal Fit, NIOSH# TC-84A-9237

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