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Optrel Announces the Launch of Softhood Series for the e3000X Respiratory Protection System

Press release image for Softhood Series welding helmets with Optrel logo on the bottom right corner.

Optrel, a leading international manufacturer of occupational safety products for the industrial and healthcare sectors, announced the launch of the NIOSH-approved Softhood Series. Paired with the optrel e3000x PAPR blower system, the Softhood Series offers the ultimate in respiratory protection, filtering out 99.8% of smoke, aerosols, dust, viruses, and other toxins.

Grant Cooper, CEO of optrel inc. stated, “As the technological leader in PAPR systems, optrel saw a significant need in the marketplace for a versatile softhood designed for use with the e3000x PAPR. As awareness of the health risk posed by unsafe airborne contaminants increases, more employers and workers understand the critical importance of respiratory protection. Optrel designed the Softhood Series to meet the growing demand for increased safety and wellbeing.”

The Softhood Series is easily adaptable for various industries, including healthcare, agriculture, dentistry, construction, painting, and woodworking. Made of ultra-lightweight nylon fabric, the durable surface allows for optimal cleaning and disinfecting. The anti-fog coated panoramic visor offers an unrestricted view of the area at all times.

Optrel’s softhood is available in short and long. The short softhood allows for optimal auditory perception and the long softhood offers maximum protection of the entire neck and shoulder area. Click here to learn more about optrel’s line of respiratory protection.

About Optrel

Optrel is a leading international manufacturer of innovative active eye protection products for the welding, grinding, and healthcare industries. It is a technological leader in the development of ADFs for the welding industry and other optoelectronic protection systems. Optrel AG is headquartered in Wattwil, Switzerland, with its North American operations, optrel, Inc., based in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA.

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