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Optrel Panoramaxx Showdown (2.5 vs CLT vs Quattro) 

Say goodbye to obstructed vision and hello to a clear, panoramic welding experience with the Panoramaxx series from optrel. Identifying what welders want, and then building a product that speaks to those pain points is where optrel began their design process. Redesigning the conventional welding helmet, with everyday welding professionals at the front of the innovation process, resulted in a clear-view helmet like no other.   

Instead of settling on a generic helmet and accepting compromises, the Panoramaxx series focuses on individuality. With three models geared toward providing welders with the best seam every time, these helmets help you achieve perfection.   

Learn about what makes the Panoramaxx 2.5, CLT, and Quattro different and how they can help you in different stages of your welding journey. 

Similarities Across the Panoramaxx Series 

What’s the first thing that puts the Panoramaxx series apart from the rest? The massive field of view. It’s not 1, not 2, but 6 times bigger than standard welding helmets. This viewing window allows you to weld more confidently than ever before.   

In the redesign, optrel removed conventional characteristics and created a nose cutout to enhance comfort and reduce lens fog. These benefits all come without the cost of adding extra pounds, still weighing in under the industry standard – a weight off your neck and shoulders, literally. 

All the Panoramaxx helmets provide you with a clear view of true colors. Optrel’s Shadetronic sensors detect changes in light intensity and adjust the shade level accordingly to provide the perfect level of protection, fully automatically. To make the best even better, this pairs with FadeTronic technology to fade out any unpleasant afterglow. 

Each helmet comes with a 3-year warranty and provides 1,000 hours of use with a single charge, so you can stay focused on the task at hand. There are currently 3 different Panoramaxx helmets, each tailored for specific needs, find out which one will transform your welding experience 

Breakdown of Each Helmet 

Not sure which helmet is right for you? We’re going to explain the details behind each helmet. More of a visual learner? We’ve included a graphic to help you at the end to help you narrow your choices down based on your unique preferences. 

Panoramaxx 2.5 

Our entry-level Panoramaxx 2.5 brings a new level of clarity to your work, changing everything you thought you knew about welding helmets.  

With a light level of 2.5 and an increased viewing window, you’re able to see more than ever before. Whether it’s industrial grinding, cutting, or welding, the helmet adjusts to your wide range of applications. The Panoramaxx 2.5 is your entry to the big leagues of welding helmets, upgrade and see firsthand what a difference it makes.   

Panoramaxx CLT 

For a crystal-clear experience, The Panoramaxx CLT provides the clearest and largest field of vision on the market. Pairing groundbreaking Crystal Lens Technology with the massive Panoramaxx visual field allows for superior color perception everywhere. Offering the largest color spectrum of any other helmet, this welding helmet reigns supreme if your job requires precise color differentiation. What does this look like in practice? Like looking through window glass in light states and detailed high-contrast views in dark states. This helmet is also available in heat-reflective chrome silver, to keep it cool for production and close welding. If you need a crystal-clear view, the CLT is a fantastic addition to your arsenal.   

Both the 2.5 and the CLT offer optical grades of 1/1/1/2. Not sure what that means? This means the helmets have an optical, stray light, and homogeneity class of 1 and an angle dependency class of 2. If you’re in search of an angle dependency class of 1, look no further than the Panoramaxx Quattro. 

Panoramaxx Quattro 

The Panoramaxx Quattro allows you to carry out tasks at a wide variety of welding positions and angles. Awarded an optical grade of 1/1/1/1 by EN 379 standard, this helmet offers the best view without the need for manual adjustment. This helmet gives you a true color lens while also offering a premier level of clarity. Working uninterrupted and fatigue-free never felt this good.   

Specifically designed for welding at sharp angles, the Quattro is perfect for tight spaces. For anyone seeking a high level of protection, the Quattro provides the best quality vision and protection, allowing you to work from anywhere. From construction, automation, and marine engineering, this helmet is the best of the best.   

Choosing the Right Helmet 

The iso-fit headgear provides comfort and security across all helmets in the panoramaxx series. When you need excellent eye protection with the bonus of a massive clear view, the panoramaxx series is your go-to. Whether it’s the massive increase in the field of view, Shadetronic technology, or the battery that charges in the blink of an eye, the panoramaxx welding helmets are an upgrade from conventional welding helmets in every way.   

Want to compare for yourself? Find out which optrel helmet is best suited for your needs. 

Still not sure? We can help! Give the website a browse or shoot us a message and we can help you find the perfect helmet for your needs. Ditch restricted views and embrace a panoramic welding experience unlike any other. Find your welding soulmate with the Panoramaxx series from optrel.  

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