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Optrel Announces New Swiss Air PAPR System for Welders

Press release image for Optrel Blog: Optrel Announces New Swiss Air Paper System For Welders.

Fresh air and unsurpassed safety, comfort, and ease of use— with your favorite helmet or hood

East Greenwich, R.I. — March 31, 2021 — Optrel announced its new Swiss Air powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) that provides fresh, breathable air with maximum protection in a lightweight, ultra-comfortable system that welders can use alone or with their favorite helmet or hood. The new Swiss Air PAPR is ideal for welding, grinding, plasma cutting, metalworking, woodworking, and industrial applications.

The new Swiss Air PAPR delivers significant advantages, beginning with the ability for users to either wear the Swiss Air PAPR alone or with their own favorite hood or helmet — with no need to buy additional equipment.

The Swiss Air PAPR is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic. Instead of being strapped around a user’s waist like other systems, the lightweight 1.2-pound low-profile Swiss Air PAPR is comfortably worn as a backpack with ergonomic shoulder harnesses that maximize a user’s freedom of movement. Controls and filter and battery indicators are front-mounted for easy visibility and access. The variable airflow is continuously adjustable to personalize fresh air delivery. The high-performance battery provides a full 14-hour workday of power.

Above all, with the Swiss Air PAPR, protection and safety are paramount. The system features an internally-tested assigned protection factor greater than 1,000 and a lightweight, ultra-flat, high-efficiency HEPA filter unit that’s 99.98% effective. Its strong positive airflow, automatic air flow calibration, and automatic altitude and temperature adjustments all ensure comfort and help prevent user fatigue. The ventilated half-mask, while protecting both mouth and nose, enable unrestricted vision and communication for greater work area awareness and safety. The mask is flame-retardant, washable, and reusable — so there’s no need for costly disposables. An app for Apple devices, available shortly, will provide the user with additional ease of use, monitoring, and control options.

The new optrel Swiss Air powered air-purifying respirator is available for immediate delivery. For more information, book an online demo, or purchase, visit https://optrel.us/product/swiss-air-papr or contact optrel at [email protected].


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optrel AG is a leading international manufacturer of innovative active eye protection products for the welding, grinding, and healthcare industries. It is a technological leader in the development of ADFs for the welding industry and other optoelectronic protection systems. Founded in 1986, optrel is headquartered in Wattwil, Switzerland. Its North American operations are based in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA. Visit optrel on the web at www.optrel.com..


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