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News from our Partner: Initial Market Feedback on Optrel-IsoFit Headgear System

Helmet Comp - press release image for Optrel Bog: Initial Market Feedback on Optrel-iSOFT Headgear System.

In 2019, Optrel and Helmet Comp teamed up for a mission to improve the work environment for welders by creating an enhanced fit headgear system with all-day comfort. As a market leader of industrial and welding products, Optrel’s vision was to utilize Helmet Comp’s bicycle helmet IsoFit technology as a platform to design an entirely new industrial headgear system from the ground up.

Since launching the new Optrel-IsoFit headgear system just over six months ago, consumers are validating the impact of this new technology in the workplace and providing some strong public feedback on the web. One end-user has pointed out that he “hasn’t had a single headache or any neck fatigue at the end of the day.” Another commented, “hands down, the best headgear on the market.”

Marco Koch, president of Optrel, has iterated that “We are extremely pleased with the early market feedback so far with the new Optrel-IsoFit system. Our customers are validating how this new technology is improving their daily workplace environment by providing better long- term comfort and fit.” The shared mission and objectives of Optrel and Helmet Comp are leading to a better industrial workspace by creating a breakthrough in headgear performance.

The Optrel-IsoFit headgear system is available on the latest Panoramaxx helmet line or as an accessory upgrade for all other Optrel helmets.

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“Hands down the best headgear on the market. The fact you guys made it available to retrofit every other optrel welding helmet is brilliant!” – @overkillracingandchassis | Instagram

“Highly recommend this headgear, had it about two months now, haven’t had a single headache or any neck fatigue at the end of the day since I started using it. Only complaint is if you’re not wearing a cap, your hair will get twisted in the knob. It doesn’t lock in the up position, but so far, I haven’t had a problem with it falling.” – @byler_skarnes | Instagram

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