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World’s First N95 Mask with Transparent Window

P.Air Clear N95 mask transparent window

We’re thrilled to officially announce the launch of the P.Air Clear—the world’s first NIOSH-approved N95 respirator with a transparent window.

“Optrel is committed to bringing world-class respiratory protection solutions to the market,” said Grant Cooper, CEO of Optrel, Inc. “The past few years have demonstrated the need for us to expand beyond our core industrial market with respiratory protection that meets the needs of workers in healthcare, education, and a variety of other industries. These new markets demand innovative products that offer superior protection without hindering interpersonal communication. The P.Air Clear strikes a balance between protecting workers and bridging the communication barrier posed by traditional N95 masks.”

The P.Air Clear is an important breakthrough for healthcare workers, educators, geriatrics and the deaf and hard of hearing population. It offers the highest quality protection with the added benefit of a transparent window, eliminating the communication barrier posed by traditional masks.

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To order the P.Air Clear, visit the product page and click “add to cart.”

Support communication with the P.Air Clear N95 mask:

  • Establish trust, convey empathy and enhance communication while protecting yourself and others.
  • Facilitate lip-reading with deaf and hard-of-hearing patients, young learners, or students with learning disabilities.
  • Enhance communication and strengthen connection through important non-verbal cues.
  • Decrease the chance of miscommunication.
  • Shift from transactional interaction to a more human-centered approach that prioritizes relationships and enhances the patient experience.

Enhance the Patient Experience | Enhance the Student Experience

The majority of our communication is non-verbal. We rely on facial cues to convey emotion, build trust, enhance comprehension and build relationships. The P.Air Clear N95 respirator ensures superior protection, without detracting from what matters most—connection.

Swiss-made with the highest quality material for comfort and function, the P.Air Clear N95 mask features a transparent window, a latex-free head harness and an adjustable nose clip.

To order the P.Air Clear, visit the product page and click “add to cart.”

If you have specific questions about the P.Air Clear N95 respirator contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 401.398.7240.

View the official release here.

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