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Introducing the Helix Series of Welding Helmets

The Helix Series of helmets offer the highest protection and welders working under the toughest conditions. A slide-up helmet with an internal anti-glare unit and an integrated, removable hardhat, the Helix Series has all the technical features of an optrel helmet.
There are three helmets in the Helix Series: 

  • Helix CLT
  • Helix Quatto
  • Helix 2.5

Check out the Helix Quattro in the YouTube video above.
The Helix Quattro:

  • Panoramic XXL field of view
  • EN379 classification 1/1/1/1 (the ideal protection for heavy and extremely difficult welding tasks, even in extreme situations or viewing angles)
  • Protection levels 4-14
  • ShadeTronic®
  • Fadetronic
  • Rechargeable battery unit with charging via the welding arc
  • 5-point multi-detection sensors

The optrel Helix Quattro is available with an integrated IsoFit headgear and removable hard hat according to the EN397 industry standard.

  • Slide up
  • Anti-glare
  • Removable hardhat
  • Twilight function
  • Sensitivity control
  • True color vision
  • Warranty extension (2+1 years)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Opening delay
  • Overhead welding

Areas of application

  • Stick Welding (SMAW)
  • MIG/MAG (Metal Inert Gas Welding, GMAW)
  • GMAW high-performance welding
  • cored wire welding
  • TIG welding (TIG, GTAW)
  • plasma welding
  • plasma cutting
  • gas welding
  • grinding mode

With the Helix Series of welding helmets, hard work never felt so easy!

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