Welding Headgear – Black

Product #: 5003.250
Comfort welding headgear (black) fits into any Optrel helmet. Simply convenient, the combination of the Optrel comfort headband and the ergonomic shape of the Optrel expert helmet shells guarantees an optimum weight distribution for any head shape. The outcome of this is a minimum strain on the neck and shoulders of the helmet wearer as well as a lasting increase of the welder’s efficiency. Also the headband has a telescopic mechanism so that the helmet can be individually adjusted to ensure an optimum field of vision. The extensibility of the patented hard hat adapter also ensure that this range offers great comfort and protection. *Headgear fits up to 55 cm head circumference

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Grant Cooper
6 months 21 days ago

Our standard headgear can be used in all our hoods except the Helix series.


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